Before setting any guidelines it is important to differentiate what kind of event banners we can have: IVAO HQ events, Public Demonstration Events and Divisional and interdivisional Events. With this defined we will provide basic guidelines to distinguish HQ events from local events. If you have a different proposal please contact your PR representative.

A template has been made available for divisional staff on figma

Divisional Events

Logo placement
For interdivisional events you we recommend using the round flags right next to the IVAO logo. Do not use the logo with type (icon + IVAO), as it a design element to distinguish different types of events.

You are able to move the flags or tags within the bottom right of each design as long as you keep them vertically aligned with the logo.

If the event will only happen in your division, use your divisional logo on the bottom of the banner.

It is important to respect the logo margins

HQ Events

There are two elements that differentiate HQ events from divisional events. the logo must be used with the name right next to it, and it needs to contain a label confirming it is an HQ event.