Simplicity is the key

Symbol usage

IVAO symbol is the face of our branding, even though the goal is to have people connecting the logo to IVAO we must understand that for members who are unfamiliar with IVAO brand this is hard to achieve, therefore the symbol must only be used in a local context, like event banners for instance. The only exception to this is when the logo is used on social media.


Inside margins

The logotype must comply with the margins proposed. X stands for the logo/symbol size.

Outside minimum margins

The minimum margin for the logotype to stand on is a 1/3 of the symbol size.

The same rule applies for when the symbol is used without the text.


IVAO logo allows us to scale to small sizes being the smallest size 80 pixels wide.


IVAO blue is the colour we want our logo to be connected to, on darker backgrounds or on backgrounds where a good contrast is not achievable the use of white is a must.


IVAO logo can be placed in any position and size within the artboard.

The ability to overlay spaces is only possible in a restricted context where the content is not a primary font of brand perception.


IVAO has made available three options: IVAO partner, IVAO Virtual Airline, IVAO Special Operations Group. IVAO PARTNER logo is managed by the public relations department, the remaining are provided once your VA/SOG becomes part of the IVAO family.



Social Media

For social media use the following equation to determine the size of the logo: 3Y/5 being Y the width (of the square) where the logo will sit. Please refer to this link to make the calculations.

What you are not allowed to do

Because we can not cover every iteration, use common sense to understand what can and can not be done.

Change symbol position

Rotate symbol

Change symbol colour

Add an emboss effect

Add bevel effect

Crop the logo

Add glow effect

Add drop shadow

Outline the logo

Box the logo

Remove elements

Change elements

Add a background to the logo